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POWER DISTRIBUTOR ABBASAUDiO, MARBLE, 8 EU outlets, IEC input, klangfilm wire

Abbasaudio offer to your attention 8X outlet power distributor in marble housing.
This is a very time-consuming product that is manufactured within a month.
So we offer only single copy.
Housing made from italian marble. The material grants full noise reduction and elimination of any vibrations.
We were inspired by HB cable design when we created this distibutor. But it is no just "copy"of HB. This distributor has own voice because we use only vintage copper and vintage solder in our devices.

By the way, it is possible to produce USA version of distributor but high quality USA outlet cost more than EU type.
• Body : marble from Italy
• 8 EU outlet sockets , made in Germany
• Wire that was used to connect outlets (about 15AWG) was taken from klangfilm sound equipment!
• Power inlet: Acrolink gold plated IEC
• All badges are plated with gold
• Viablue feet + a special stands under feet
• Dimensions: 730x180x170 mm
• Weight: 18 kg

Price 2000 $
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